Quality Assurance

Force Fabrication Inc. Quality Assurance
The Force Fabrication Inc. quality system is certified to ISO9001:2015. The quality assurance process ensures that all engineering, manufacturing, test, and management processes adhere to the requirements of the contract statement of work, specifications, and supporting documentation.  A QA representative is part of each project team and participates in all program reviews and reporting activities.

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Quality Management System
• Ensure that verification processes are traceable to requirements and documented.
• Maintain facilities, equipment, and staff required to perform specified processes.
• Review test data to ensure that verification processes have been completed.
• Provide a corrective action mechanism that identifies the status of all items until final disposition.
• Ensure that controlled and authenticated documentation is utilized.
• Maintain surveillance of suppliers and vendors to ensure compliance.
• Provide training necessary to ensure that standards and processes are consistently applied.
• Monitor trends and provide data to other organizations needed to improve product quality and process efficiency.

Quality System Documentation
• Quality Policy Manual.
• Force Fabrication Inc. quality standards.
• Forms, logs, work instructions, and acceptance procedures.

Quality System Audits
• Compliance is verified based on the Quality Policy Manual and contractual requirements.
• Audit plan is generated to identify required activities, personnel, and documentation.
• Audit report is generated to identify any deficiencies, non-compliance, and probable causes.  Suggestions are provided for any corrective action required.
• Subsequent reviews are performed to assess corrective action and verify item closure.


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