Medical- CNC Machining for Biotechnology customer

October 15th, 2023

Industry: Medical Device

Project Overview
Force Fabrication Inc. – Product consistency and high reliability.

We pride ourselves in being the source for quality brazed assemblies and turn-key builds with extremely competitive pricing, short lead-times and high quality product.

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Military-Dip Brazed Assemblies

July 19th, 2023

Industry: Military & Defense

Project Overview
Force Fabrication Inc. – Product consistency and high reliability.  We continue to supply production rugged communication assemblies to the Military Industry. CNC punching, CNC machining, Dip brazing, heat treating, prime and paint, silk-screening, helicoil installation,  AS9102 first article reports, material and process certifications.

We pride ourselves in being the source for quality brazed assemblies and turn-key builds with extremely competitive pricing, short lead-times and high quality product.

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Unmanned Aerial Systems vacuum brazed assemblies

June 10th, 2023

Industry: Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Project Overview
Force Fabrication Inc. – We continue to supply production assemblies for the UAS, military market. CNC machining, Vacuum Brazing, heat treating, anodizing with extensive masking, helicoil installation,  AS9102 first article reports, material and process certifications.

We pride ourselves in being the source for quality parts and upper level assemblies with extremely competitive pricing, short lead-times and high quality product.

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Completion of Sub-Assemblies for the EV market

November 10th, 2022

Industry: Electric Vehicle Market

Project Overview
Force Fabrication Inc. – Recently we have been supplying higher level production assemblies for the underground electric vehicle market- mining environment. CNC machining, clear anodize, latch assemblies, first article report, material and process certifications.

We pride ourselves in being the source for quality parts and upper level assemblies with extremely competitive pricing, short lead-times and high quality product.

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Awarded additional contract for vacuum brazed assemblies for UAV requirements

February 15th, 2021

Industry: Military-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Project Overview
Force Fabrication Inc. continues to support the military and prime contractors with machining and vacuum brazed assemblies for high reliability applications. The recent contract received includes several parts numbers; complete assemblies including all details and final machining, plating, helicoil installation and DFAR raw material, process certifications and AS9102 first article inspection reports.

We pride ourselves in being the source for brazed assemblies with extremely competitive pricing, short lead-times and high quality product.

Product: Aluminum Machined, Vacuum Brazed assembles for drone/UAV production application.

The following standards were associated to the build:

AWS C3.7
AMS 2770

Raytheon Technologies Approval

November 16th, 2020

Force Fabrication Inc. announces customer approval from Raytheon Technologies in El Segundo, CA. Force Fabrication Inc. is contracted to manufacture a production run of aluminum dip brazed assemblies for delivery in the first quarter of 2021. The project requires purchasing domestic raw material, fabrication of details, fixture design and machining, dip brazing, heat treating, post braze machining, plating and procurement and installation of EMI gasketing. Our ongoing attention to quality, experience designing parts for brazing, design for manufacturability along with providing very competitive pricing, shorter lead-times has provided serious value to customers in the Military Aerospace Industry.

Precision Sheet Metal Parts and Assemblies for UV Sanitizing Equipment

July 24th, 2020

Industry: Commercial Industrial Products
Product: Precision sheet metal parts and assemblies for UV Sanitizing equipment.

Project Overview
Force Fabrication Inc. continues production of several sheet metal details and support assemblies for a Southern California commercial manufacturer of UV sanitizing equipment . The build includes several different types of fabricated parts from simple sheet metal brackets to CNC machined parts, pop riveted assemblies, hardware installed, welded, powder coated, etc. Materials used include Aluminum 5052-H32, 6061-T6 and standard PEM engineering hardware and helicoils.

Delrin CNC Machining for Military Application

June 19th, 2020

Industry: Military Ground Support
Product: CNC machined power supply handle; Delrin AF Blend material.

Project Overview
Force Fabrication Inc. continues production of several delrin, CNC machined components for a Military defense contractor in Wisconsin. This specific requirement includes Delrin AF Blend material, CNC machining and deburring. We pride ourselves in being the source for plastic CNC machined parts with extremely competitive pricing, short lead-times and high quality product.

Military Production Run of Vacuum Brazed Assemblies for Unmanned Aircraft Requirements

May 1st, 2020

Industry: Military Ground Support
Product: Aluminum Machined, Vacuum Brazed assembles for drone/UAV production application. Complete assembly including all details and final machining, plating, helicoil installation and AS9102 first article inspection reports.

Project Overview
Force Fabrication Inc. continues production of several brazed assemblies for a Military contractor in Southern California. This specific build includes several processes, fixturing and inspection requirements. We pride ourselves in being the source for brazed assemblies with extremely competitive pricing, short lead-times and high quality product.

Awarded Machining Contract from California Telemetry Customer

August 22nd, 2019

Industry: Military, Aeronautical Telemetry Systems
Product: Radome support details and assembly.

Project Overview
We are proud to announce our support for a new customer that specializes in high performance telemetry systems. The prototype order for radome support details requires highly tolerance CNC machining, deburring, chem film, prime, paint and hardware installation of keenserts. The delivered product will include certificate of conformance, material and process certifications.

Force Fabrication Inc.- Receives ITAR 2019-2020 Registration Approval From DDTC

August 21st, 2019

We are please to announce our 2019-2020 ITAR Registration was approved and we received our formal registration letter from the United States Department of State.

Force Fabrication Inc. has several customers that supply finished product to the Department of Defense and our handling of ITAR related materials is extremely important to our organization in support the United States.


Force Fabrication Inc.- Completes Dip-Brazed Heatsink Build for Southern California Military Customer

August 16th, 2019

Industry: Military
Product: Dip brazed, Custom Heatsink

We are proud to announce our support for an ongoing Military program requiring custom heatsinks. In July and August, Force Fabrication Inc. produced over a hundred heat sink assemblies for a local communication company in Newbury Park, CA. The detail parts are machined, sides and tops along with fin stock that is brought in formed to spec. Dip brazing all details is the next operation along with post braze machining. Following jitterbugging and deburrring edges assemblies are chem-filmed per MIL-C-5541, Class 3. Final operations include helicoil installation and marking along with final inspection.

Aerospace Contract- Dip-Brazed Chassis Assembly

June 28th, 2019

Industry: Commercial Aerospace
Product: Rugged Aerospace Enclosure

Project Overview
We are proud to announce our support for a new Aerospace customer on the east coast. Force Fabrication Inc. was able to get involved with the program at the initial prototype stage with design for manufacturability considerations and joint design recommendations.
The customer provided models which will altered and details configured to support a successful brazement.  Several different material thicknesses needed to be brazed; sheet metal, CNC turned and milled parts; 6061-T4 material. The assembly was dip brazed per AWS C3.7, Class B; minimal straightening and post braze machining in some areas required.

Purchase of new HAAS VF2 Superspeed CNC Mill to Support Existing and New Customers.

December 21st, 2018

In order to keep up with existing customer machining production and support new prospects we continue to invest in the latest technology. We recently purchase another new HAAS VF2 Superspeed CNC mill.

We perform every fabrication project with an intense degree of accuracy and quality, but it’s impossible to overstate the level of precision required when building materials to be used in a device produced by this client. It is of course a noteworthy effort to be able to work as an important contributor to the overarching cause of protecting United States interests, but it’s also a commendable personal achievement, and perhaps the best possible endorsement of our abilities, to have an elite level engineering and technology firm who can source any fabricator for their projects to choose Force Fab. To be selected to build any portion of an end-user device by this client is an important indicator that we’re performing fabrication services at an elite level—and this is our goal.

Force Fabrication Inc. Offers Quick-turn Laser Cutting Services

July 2nd, 2018

We recently purchased an Amada LC1212 Laser cutting system and are offering exceptional pricing and lead-time for laser cut parts.

Typically builds for us include punching/laser cutting of parts that require additional processes we perform such as forming, welding, hardware installation, painting and silkscreening.

With the significant amount of laser cutting capacity, we would like to offer reduced rates for customers requiring laser cutting only; if you need parts in a hurry, let us know.

Sheet Metal Fabrication: Custom Telecommunications Chassis and Front Panels for Santa Barbara Customer

February 8th, 2018

Industry: Telecommunications, Broadcast, Radio and Networking-Electronic Enclosures

Product: Sheetmetal Electronic Enclosures, front panels; painted and silk screened.

Project Overview
As a custom sheet metal fabrication house, one of the cores of our operation is building enclosures for electronic devices. For logistical reasons, it’s practical for designers and manufacturers of sophisticated electronic equipment to outsource chassis builds. The nature of fabrication for a no compromise aluminum enclosure built to very close specifications and tolerances requires a purpose-built facility to handle the builds. Handing the chassis build over to ForceFab means that the client is receiving genuine high end chassis fabrication without investing heavily in fabrication equipment or personnel. In this case, the client was able to receive an ultra high end chassis build for a reasonable limited run cost without any of the long term operating costs of a fabrication house. Telecom is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States with a large demand for new and grey market equipment. For purchasing managers, it is important to buy in telecom products that will be highly reliable and will net a strong resale value. By using a premium chassis to house their product, our client sends a message to purchasing managers, retailers, and end-users, that this is a genuine high-end product.

Electronic Enclosures For Pro Audio Amplifier

June 9th, 2017

Industry: Musical Instruments, Pro Audio

Product: Sheetmetal enclosures and covers for power amplifiers and associated machined parts.

Project Overview
High end professional audio products are one of the most meticulously designed and carefully constructed types of electronics. There’s an entire cottage industry of specialists dedicated to very specific areas of professional audio, and a large consumer base who spend considerable sums of money acquiring the best sounding and highest performing audio equipment. Great discussions and endless debates ensue about audio equipment, what types of materials perform and sound best, what manufacturers are making the best equipment, and the personal tastes of individuals. For a builder’s products to be well respected and well sold among the very specific, often very difficult to please niche of audio enthusiasts and recording professionals, it’s absolutely critical to perfect every part of the product. Audio engineers and musicians want to know the equipment they’re buying has the best of everything – the best circuit board (preferably wired by hand, slowly and carefully), the best transformers, the best tubes or transistors, and yes, the best metal work. For many people, the best metal work isn’t just about durability. For certain tools like guitar amplifiers, the type of metal used for the chassis is actually thought to affect the sound of the amplifier. Aluminum is an industry standard, but steel, copper, nickel, various special alloys, and solid silver can be found in various products. And as you might expect, the prices of these tools can become extremely expensive.

Aluminum chassis for pro audio amplifiers

Audio amplifiers are probably the most lusted after and argued over item of all in pro audio. There’s hundreds of builders, and classic amplifiers from Fender and Marshall can cost upwards of $10,000, while very rare retro amplifiers by Alexander Dumble can literally exceed $100,000 for a single amplifier. All of that is to say, to be successful in the audio amplifier area, a builder has to absolutely bring an amazing product to the market.

Our client is rather well-known among audio professionals, and their products are in use by numerous notable artists. Their designs are very forward-thinking and provide a unique take on amplification. Knowing how discerning this type of builder is, we were very interested to be trusted by them to fabricate a run of aluminum chassis for use in their audio amplifiers. The chassis is an important component to the overall design, and most builders spend more on the chassis than any other component in the design. The chassis is something that has to be perfect – extremely high quality, beautifully made, and it has to impress the eventual owner of the product. It’s a feather in our cap that this client examined our capabilities and determined that we checked all these requirements.

Military Contract for Dip Brazed Electronic Enclosures and Machined Parts

May 24th, 2017

Industry: Military, Department of Defense

Customer: Prime Contractor to the Navy, DOD

Product: Rugged Computer Networking Chassis and Details

Project Overview
During our time in the fabrication industry, we’ve completed a large volume of enclosures, components, and assemblies intended for use in some capacity by the United States military. As a precision fabricator, being trusted with the creation of parts and critical components for military applications is the best possible endorsement of our skills and abilities. The term “Mil-spec” is synonymous with the best possible quality and most stringent standards. You’ll notice this phrase used in products or procedures outside of the military space, often to describe sophisticated electronics or other specialized equipment which is built to extremely high standards. We’re always pleased to receive production requests for projects like this, and we consider each of these projects to be continuous endorsements of our quality and precision capabilities. This particular production run was to craft a collection of rugged computer networking chassis and peripheral assemblies. The US military has extensive requirements for these kinds of components, and as demand for field-worthy housings and casings for sensitive electronics grows we expect to produce items like this in great quantities in the future.

Laser Cutting Project for Instrumentation Client in Santa Barbara

March 24th, 2017

Client Industry: Instrumentation Devices used in multiple industries and markets.

Project Overview
Force Fab has comprehensive laser cutting capabilities. Laser cutting can be applied to a variety of projects and applications, but as a professional fabrication shop, our laser cutting projects fall into the precision sheet metal aspect of laser cutting. We recently completed a project for a client located in Santa Barbara, CA. This client designs and produces a range of intricate scientific instrumentation devices. These devices are used in a variety of purposes, mostly for subatomic, optical, and chemical oriented applications. The client’s devices are used for processes in which accuracy is critical, such as light scattering, and particle and molecule analysis. In addition to assorted light scattering devices, the client produces a range of related scientific equipment including power supplies, high performance thermostats, and a range of accompanying software applications to interface with these devices.

Part of our company philosophy is that extreme quality is a must have for every project. When fabricating parts and critical components for scientific devices or medical tools, the need for quality and accuracy is enhanced even further, so Force Fab was a natural fit for this project. The project required us to produce a run a of sheet metal enclosures and accompanying parts. Due to the nature of the design, laser cutting was required to craft the sophisticated aluminum enclosures which house a collection of expensive electronic circuits, a sophisticated user interface, and an LCD screen. These enclosures are highly engineered pieces with very specific architecture and no right angles. For a project of this nature, the enclosures design becomes a part of the instrument itself, so the client went to great effort to source a company who could produce the enclosures with the greatest possible accuracy using laser cutting, and we were selected for the project.

Electronic Enclosure Build for Instrumentation Device | Oxnard, CA

February 28th, 2017

Instrumentation, used in assorted industries and environments.

Intended Product for Component:
Sheet metal enclosures and machining for moisture measurement and control product.

Project Overview:
In February 2017 we completed a project producing a run of sheet metal enclosures including all peripheral machining processes for a client based in Oxnard, CA. This client operates in an interesting industry producing high sensitivity measurement equipment based in infrared reflectance and and radio frequency technology which is used in markets such as biomass, chemical, food processing, mineral mining, textiles, and numerous others. Our client produces a range of sensors designed to detect and measure moisture in a variety of real world applications. Detecting moisture can be critical if an organization is producing powdered materials, granular products, organic composites including wood or consumables, high viscosity materials like industrial oils, or crafting musical instruments which can be warped by excessive moisture. All of that is to say that our client’s devices find their way into an eclectic collection of organizations and operations. These devices are naturally designed according to their intended application, in some cases this requires the finished product to be fireproof, explosion proof, resistant to harsh environments, capable of complete sanitization, resistant to chemicals, and/or a variety of other properties.

As the best resource in Ventura County for precision machining, our role was to produce high quality sheet metal enclosures from a variety of raw materials to encase the client’s measurement devices. As you can see based on the end-user requirements of these products, these enclosures must be made to the absolute highest degree of quality and precision.

Enclosures for measurement devices made from 5052 aluminum

Raw Materials Used in Fabrication:
• 5052-H32 Aluminum
This version of aluminum is used in many of our projects for several reasons. It is stronger than other common aluminums, and is highly resistant to corrosion, even in ocean environments which corrode most metals. While some other metal alloys may have corrosion resistant properties, they may not necessarily lend themselves well to precision manufacturing due to malleability constraints. 5052 aluminum has the desired strength and resistance properties while still lending itself well to welding and fabrication techniques. This results in enclosures which can survive in the environments they operate it and can be produced to very close tolerances and exacting specifications. An aesthetically pleasing byproduct of 5052 aluminum is that it can be powder coated and polished to produce a very finished and expensive looking appearance fitting of the high end devices that are often protected within the enclosure.

• 6061-T6
• PEM Hardware
• Powdercoat paint

Parts Detail:
The build included helping the customer to design the sheet metal enclosure in a cost effective approach to manufacturing to keep the cost down. The enclosure included the sheet metal top cover welded assembly and the base chassis assembly along with associated CNC machined details.

Force Fabrication Inc. DFARS Specialty Metals Clause

February 10th, 2017

What is the DFARS Specialty Metals Clause?
The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement / DFARS is a set of guidelines which tries to lay the groundwork for a variety of things important to our industry, such as the standard format and procurement process for Defense Department contacts. Naturally, with projects nested under a large blanket of defense related interests, following a stringent set of transparency measures is important to ensure that oversight is handled by trusted organizations and parties dedicated to protecting the American interests.

Certain aspects of the DFARS Specialty Metals Clause specifies that certain metals deemed to have particularly valuable or potentially critical properties must be created in countries deemed friendly to the US in order to prevent the materials from being used for potentially hostile applications.

Why is the DFARS Specialty Clause Needed?
Keep in mind that when you’re creating things like military spares, aviation and aerospace components, and other pieces, these are used to create real-world products that are (obviously) regularly used in military applications. It’s to be expected that such work is subject to government regulations. Consider a scenario in which the US needed certain materials to support its military complex that aren’t actually available in the US. This could put the country in a compromising position by needing to go through foreign entities. The result for manufacturers is that it’s often necessary to pass on less expensive foreign materials to protect domestic interests.

Production Build for Camarillo Fiber Optic Test Equipment Company

January 23rd, 2017

Industry: Fiber Optics, Optical

Product: Test Equipment Chassis and associated parts and assemblies. Quarterly build schedule to customer requirements.

We recently completed a production build including test equipment chassis and adjacent parts and assemblies for a client in Camarillo who specializes in fiber optic test solutions. This specific project calls for a set number of test units to be produced on a quarterly schedule. Many of the machining and assembly projects we work on are for clients who build specialized electronic equipment including low voltage telecom related products, electronic equipment for medical applications, and electronic equipment for aerospace and aviation projects, so we have extensive experience in this exact area of fabrication.

The client on this project provides an array of fiber optic and telecom related products including a variety of fiber optic testing meters, light sources, converters, adapters, conditioners, analysis tools, and an entire suite of software applications designed to interface with the array of fiber optic hardware. What this client needed from us specifically was the build the following parts:

• Custom 1U chassis
• Rear panel
• Top cover
• Bottom cover
• Mounting brackets
• Guides
• Inner channels
• Base plates
• Front panel
• Back panels
We’re fabricating the structural pieces for the client’s fiber optic products; the enclosure / chassis and all of the adjacent pieces which are necessary to house and protect the product. The client is then able to install the electronics, circuit boards, and assemble a complete product which they can deliver to market.

Types of raw materials
5052-H32 Aluminum
6061-T6, Aluminum
PEM Hardware

Fabrication Processes involved
For users with firsthand experience in manufacturing, the fabrication process is well understood, but for the uninitiated it’s often surprising how many individual processes and procedures are required to produce an elegant enclosure and chassis. Each step is carefully conceived, mapped out, and executed with exacting precision. Because many of the products we help to produce are intended for mission critical applications for use in medical environments or military zone scenarios, every detail of the end product has often been designed to very stringent specifications. As a result, things which may seem like inconsequential details to laymen can in fact have very significant impacts on the product’s performance in real world scenarios. We’re a trusted fabrication resource because of our ability to consistently create parts, components, and assemblies within very close tolerances, to produce these pieces on time and within budget, and when necessary, to help the client determine exact measurements or other design features. This is part of what differentiates us from other machine shops in Southern California, and whenever a client continues to choose us for fabrications projects, particularly in cases where precision and accuracy are paramount, it’s a validation of the quality of our work.

Timesaver Belt Sander for Line Grain Finishing

January 18th, 2017

Force Fabrication Inc. recently installed a new Timesaver wide belt sander for line grain finishing of parts. Timesaver is the world’s largest manufacturer of abrasive finishing machines, and has equipment designed for a variety of detail work including orbitals, sanders, planers, and polishers for wood, and calibrating grinders, rapid grinding machines, and brush sanders for metalwork, among other industrial manufacturing equipment. It was very important to us that we only incorporate the best available equipment into our operation. With Timesaver having been a presence in the manufacturing industry for over seven decades, and with over 50,000 Timesaver machines in operation around the world today, it was the smartest investment we could make. In the case of our manufacturing processes, we are generally performing sheet metal fabrication and building components comprised of various metals, so our acquisition from Timesaver was a wide belt sander intended for metalwork.

The most common finish is a straight-line or grain finish for cosmetic purposes. The process is also used on a regular basis to remove the burrs, reduce scratches, defects, porosity and scale from the backside of parts that are CNC punched or laser cut. This is accomplished using an abrasive belt while the parts/sheets move through the timesaver on a conveyor. The result is a “grained” surface finish on the material; this can be done on aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, copper, brass, as well as other more exotic metals. Using various grits or coarseness of sanding belts we can achieve a wide range of grain looks, from a fine semi-polished finish to very coarse lines.

Fabrication of LED lighting Sheet Metal Enclosures and Assemblies

October 19th, 2016

Custom Aluminum Enclosures For Unique Lighting Devices
We received a request recently from a client specializing in solid state lighting. They produce the kinds of lighting products that would be used in parking lots, gymnasiums and stadiums, auto dealerships, department stores, and theme parks. When a project requires powerful, high quality lighting solutions, this client is often contracted to produce custom lights. They were working on a project requiring LED lighting, and every LED light requires a custom enclosure to house the lights. Our role was to fabricate sheet metal enclosures each individual light, and create any peripheral assemblies and components necessary. Since this was for an outdoor and indoor lighting application, there are numerous parts that work in conjunction with the enclosures to allow for mounting on poles, housing power supplies, creating covers and shields for the lights, and numerous other fine detail pieces.

Detailed CNC Work
At a glance, creating enclosures may seem like a simple task. But when you consider that there are dozens of individual components required to make the pieces functional, and that each piece has very specific close tolerance specifications, it becomes clear that a great deal of planning, labor, and quality assurance processes are involved with creating even a utilitarian type of product such as an aluminum enclosure. The extent of this work is even more pronounced on more complex requests, but regardless of the project there is no simple fabrication task.